csgo servers & statistics

ipv6 ready

Server list

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Features on all servers:

  • All servers are hosted in the Netherlands and provide good ping for Europe
  • Servers are protected by SMACBans
  • Fast download
  • Mapchooser, Rock The Vote and Nominate Maps
  • Best tickrate possible, 128 tickrate for shooters and 102.4 tickrate for surf


Features on the Multi 1v1 server:

  • Statistics & Top 15
  • 1v1 Multi arena plugin by Splewis
  • Plugin to challenge certain people
  • Custom gun/pistol rounds (Revolver, Deagle, etc)
  • 128 tickrate

CSGO Surf stats

Features on the surf servers:

  • 102.4 tickrate
  • Influx surf plugin
  • Two servers with tier 1-3 maps and tier 3-6
  • Map bonus, stage record and replay bots
  • Rank and statistics
  • Wide range of maps

Retake top 20 stats

Features on the retake servers:

  • Top 20 statistics
  • Retake plugin by Splewis
  • 128 tickrate
  • Pistol and gun rounds
  • Automatic team balancing


My favourite playlist, because why not